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Your next amazing deal is just a click away!

Shopping at Hey Duckee gives you something to look forward to everyday! Fantastic new products and the latest and greatest brands can be yours at prices that can't be beat. Whether you are searching for the latest fashions and trends in clothing and accessories, cool gadgets, fun décor or helpful learning tools for your ducklings, Hey Duckee has it all! Your little hatchlings will be the envy of all the other ducks in the nest!

*Search an array of fresh, new products, brands and deals daily!
*Be the first to see brand new items!
*Get access to unbeatable deals right from the comfort of your home!
*Our one and only goal is to find the best possible deal for you and your flock!


How Hey Duckee works:

*Log on to search our featured products and astonishing deals.

*Once you've decided which items you simply can't live without, proceed to checkout to complete your purchase.

*We order items in bulk and ship them to you as soon as possible.


The early bird gets the worm!

Hey Duckee’s quack-tastic inventory is limited and items are sure to sell out quickly! Amazing products are always coming and going. Be sure to shop early and check back often to enjoy the best deals possible before they fly away!

Shopping early gets you access to more products, more brands and even better discounts!

Avoid the hassle of items selling out or watching thrilling deals slip right out from under your beak!


You'll always be the first to know!

Hey Duckee will email you a notification every morning letting you in on all of the exciting happenings.

In every email, you will find information on Hey Duckee’s newest products, latest must-have brands and hottest deals of the day!

If you’re searching for a discount on cute clothing and accessories, practical nursery equipment or even a great gift idea, be sure to check Hey Duckee’s email first, as any wise duckee would.


We've got all your favorites and so much more!

Hey Duckee works with the brands you know and love and many lesser known vendors giving you access to a HUGE selection of amazing products! Our shoppers are consistently introduced to new items allowing them to always be in the know with what's hot. Pick and choose from quality, hand-selected products at unbelievable discounts.

If your favorite happens to sell out, you can look forward to to a slew of new products and deals.


Quack about it!

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Start shopping!

Shopping has never been faster, easier or more fun!

Hey Duckee shoppers get a birds-eye view of the trendiest department store styles and brands without even walking out their front door!

If you aren’t convinced already, you will be the second you witness your first Hey Duckee discount. Don’t wait any longer! Click here to experience all that Hey Duckee has to offer!


Shopping made easy!

Once you`ve selected the items that are perfect for you and your little ones, we place a bulk order to our vendors. We receive those orders and ship them to our shoppers as quickly as possible. Our shipping plan is how we are able to consistently offer unbelievably low prices!

1. You order fantastic merchandise at unbeatable prices!

2. Hey Duckee places one large bulk order to our vendor.

3. We pack your order and send it on its way!

4. Your complete order is delivered right to your door. It`s that easy!